Fall Soundtrack: Top 10 Songs of Excitement

Another season is upon us, and Fall is one of my favorites. It’s always a time of anticipation and excitement for me, and usually a lot of fun. The music of the season for me, reflects all that excitement and newness that comes from turning the corner from summer into Fall. Even though I haven’t gone back to school in a decade, I still get those butterflies of excitement that I experienced for the first 20-some years of my life: meeting new people, getting new supplies (shoes), and learning new things. The temperatures cool down and it’s time to pull out the jeans and sweaters that haven’t been seen in a while; it’s like a whole new wardrobe. The trees start to change colors and make your neighborhood look like a whole new place. There’s a steady stream of anticipation for holidays that start to roll one after the other: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving (not to mention the big one coming in December). Football and other sports give friends and family a good excuse to get together, celebrate, and console each other for another season. It’s time to be excited, be happy, do a little dancing, and have fun. All of these feelings led me to pick my top 10 songs for Fall (in no particular order).

1. “Today”- Smashing pumpkins; the feeling you get on a sunny, cool day, surrounded by blue sky and trees of gold, orange, and maroon.

2. “No Such Thing” by John Mayer; who hasn’t wanted to bust down their old school doors?

3. “Chocolate”- Snow Patrol; The 1st note is so anticipatory, I get excited every time I hear it

4. “Blitzkrieg Bop”- The Ramones; Hey Ho Let’s Go!

5. “Hey Ya”- Outkast; cannot stay seated when this song comes on

6. “Where are we runnin'”- Lenny Kravitz; come on, it’s Lenny. Rock on brother!

7. “Mudfootball”- Jack Johnson; growing up with 5 brothers, football and fall just went together; reminds me of backyard games

8. “Ordinary Day”- Great Big Sea; super fun band and a happy song as well

9. “Ashes”- Embrace; great UK band, the song just gets me excited

10. “Hello City”- Bare Naked Ladies; welcome to new places, plus BNL is fun to sing and makes me happy

It was tough to narrow down since a lot of songs are tied to memories of my school days, but I hope you enjoy!  I could have listed the entire “Fifth Quarter” cd by the University of Wisconsin Marching Band, but wanted to keep it simple.

Anyone else have songs that remind them of or exemplify fall?

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